Følg mig på Instagram, hvor jeg poster dagligt.
Brugernavn: majasofiehh

Husk også at klikke ind på min youtubekanal, majasofiebeauty, og abonner å du er sikker på at se alle videoer. Også hvis der er nogle, jeg ikke poster her på bloggen.

Kommenter endelig! 🙂


About majasofie

My name is Maja(Maja Sofie) and I am a 15 year old Danish girl. I'm loving almost everything - books, make-up, fashion, twilight, the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, all types of music - I almost love everything but working out, carrots and Justin Bieber. You would might think of me as an overall avarage girl at my age, but somehow I manage to make everyone think of me as a freak or a weirdo. Good, bad - no clue? I though still manage to survive beside my closest friends, my lovely family and my awesome beyond awesome cutie of a cat, Sofus! This is my life!
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