The longer you stand in the Sun, the worse it hurts when the Sun fades away.

But still you won’t hesitate stepping right into it the following days.

Leak, Melissa

I morgen skal jeg op i historie og puuuha hvor er jeg dog nervøs!
Jeg har en fantastisk lærer og håber virkelig på en sød censor også.
Problemet er bare at jeg ikke har nået at læse op på ligeså meget som planlagt.
Men det er i morgen fra klokken 11 til 12 I skal krydse fingre for mig! Tak!


About majasofie

My name is Maja(Maja Sofie) and I am a 15 year old Danish girl. I'm loving almost everything - books, make-up, fashion, twilight, the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, all types of music - I almost love everything but working out, carrots and Justin Bieber. You would might think of me as an overall avarage girl at my age, but somehow I manage to make everyone think of me as a freak or a weirdo. Good, bad - no clue? I though still manage to survive beside my closest friends, my lovely family and my awesome beyond awesome cutie of a cat, Sofus! This is my life!
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